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Mrs. Joshi’s Accounting Academy was established in Pune in 1992, and has been providing quality coaching to CA students ever since. Over the years, thousands of students have passed from the Academy with flying colours, with many distinguishing themselves in the All India Merit list.

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Gr I IPCC vertual batch started from 16 May 2016
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CA Course Common Proficiency Test (CPT) INR 0 INR 0 Common Proficiency Test is an entry level test for chartered accountancy course. It comprises four subjects i.e., accounting, mercantile laws, general economics and quantitative aptitude. The Common Proficiency Test (CPT) is of 200 marks. This test is divided into two sessions of two hours each. CPT is an objective type test with negative marking. Subjects covered in CPT SESSION – I (Two Sections – Two hours – 100 Marks) SESSION – II (Two Sections – Two hours – 100 Marks) Section A: Fundamentals of Accounting (60Marks) Section B: Mercantile Laws (40Marks) Section C: General Economics (50Marks) Section D: Quantitative Aptitude (50Marks) The Board of Studies has prepared comprehensive study materials along with model test papers, covering all four subjects. True 1452068404
Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) INR 0 INR 0 Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) This is the first stage of the chartered accountancy curriculum wherein only working knowledge of core and allied subjects to accountancy profession is covered, while at the Final course, advanced application knowledge of core and allied subjects to accountancy profession has been intended to be inculcated. The unique feature of the entire theoretical education of the chartered accountancy curriculum is the supportive and complementary practical training. A student would undergo theoretical education and three years of practical training after passing Group-I of IPCC/Accounting Technician Course. This balanced approach helpsstudents to appreciate the underlying practical applications of the theoretical education scheme. In order to develop a strong theoretical base, students of IPCC have to undergo nine months study course before appearing for the first time in the Integrated Professional Competence Examination (IPCE). Since proper understanding of the modern world necessitates knowledge of present day technology and skills, students are imparted 100 hours of Information Technology Training (ITT) and have to undergo 35 hours Orientation Programme. These are to be completed before commencement of their practical training. Subjects covered in IPCC are: Group I Paper 1: Accounting (100 Marks) Paper 2: Business Laws, Ethics and Communication (100 Marks) Part I: - Law (60 Marks) - Business Laws (30 Marks) - Company Law (30 Marks) Part II: Business Ethics (20 Marks) Part III: Business Communication (20 Marks) Paper 3: Cost Accounting and Financial Management Part I: Cost Accounting (50 Marks) Part II: Financial Management (50 Marks) Paper 4: Taxation Part I: Income-tax (50 Marks) Group II Paper 5: Advanced Accounting (100 Marks) Paper 6: Auditing and Assurance (100 Marks) Paper 7: Information Technology and Strategic Management Section A: Information Technology (50 Marks) Section B: Strategic Management (50 Marks) The IPCCsubjectsare classified into two groups. Students can study and appearin theexamination group-wise or with both groups together. True 1452068748
Article ship Training / Audit Training INR 0 INR 0 Article ship Training / Audit Training The unique requirement of practical training is instrumental in shaping a well-rounded professional to ensure that students have an opportunity to acquire on-the-job work experience of a professional nature. Such a practical training: Inculcates a disciplined attitude for hard work; Develops necessary skills in applying theoretical knowledge to practical situations; Provides exposure to overall socio-economic environment in which organisations operate; and Develops ethical values. Under the present Scheme of Education & Training three years of article ship training has been designed to strike a balance between theoretical education and practical training.A student can also undergo audit training. Eight months of audit training is treated as equivalent to six months of article ship training. True 1452068941
IFRS INR 0 INR 0 IFRS Diploma IFRS (ACCA London) With add-ons IND AS, XBRL & Revised Schedule VI, Merger Acquisition --Known IFRS implementations – Step by Step --Placements --In MNC's --Overseas --Top 10 Groups in India True 1452068928
Final (New) Course INR 0 INR 0 Final (New) Course The last leg of the chartered accountancy course is the Final course, which has been designed to impart expert knowledge in financial reporting, auditing and professional ethics, taxation, corporate laws, systems control, strategic finance and advanced management accountancy. While undergoing the final course, a student also has to complete general management and communication skills (GMCS) course. Subjects covered in Final (New) Course: Group I Paper 1: Financial Reporting (100 Marks) Paper 2: Strategic Financial Management (100 Marks) Paper 3: Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics (100 Marks) Paper 4: Corporate and Allied Laws (100 Marks) Section A: Company Law (70 Marks) Section B: Allied Laws (30 Marks) Group II Paper 5: Advanced Management Accounting (100 Marks) Paper 6: Information Systems Control and Audit (100 Marks) Paper 7: Direct Tax Laws (100 Marks) Paper 8: Indirect Tax Laws (100 Marks) Section A: Central Excise (40 Marks) Section B: Service Tax & VAT (40 Marks) Section C: Customs (20 Marks) True 1452068783
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